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Review Details


The Conjuring 2


Cast : Vera Farmiga,Patrick Wilson, Frances O'conner, Madison wolfe

Directed by : James Wan

Produced by : New Line Cinema

Music : Joseph Bishara

Release Date : 7th June

Following 2005’s Saw, James Wan is recognized as a director who introduced the world a spine chilling-torture era of modern horror. After working for a high octane action film Fast and Furious 7, Wan is back working on a intimate scale with Vera Flaming and Partick Wilson in The Conjuring 2. A seq uel to his 2013 smash, lets see to what extent Wan succeded in making the theaters scream.

Story :

The Story deals with hauntings that took place in England’s Enfield in the year 1977. A highly documented case involving a single mother, penny Hodgson (Frances O’connor) and her four children and a spook that targets her youngest daughter, Janet (madison wolfe). The film opens with the ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Wilson and Farmiga) investigating the famous Amityville case, In the course of which Lorraine first encounters the demonic presence that will haunt her for the next coming years. His life fearing Lorraine begs her husband to stop all the future paranormal investigations, to which he hesitantly agrees. Until, the priest come to to give them their next mission: The famous paranoramal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren comes to north to see if the incidents happening and polthergeist is truly demonic. How the warrens deals with the situations and help the possessed girl and will they be able to stop the demonic invasion forms the rest of the story.

Performance :

Both Wilson and Farmiga are given their chance to shine in spooky set pieces—Farmiga early half of this film, Wilson for later. But while they’re both convincing in spiritual warrior mode, Frances O’conner gave her best as a helpless mother seeing her daughter suffering with the possessed and none could help till the end. Madison Wolfe is the show stealer, she is just above the excellence. As a possessed girl with variations in her character mixed with innocence and a possessed girl she presented her acting beauty. And rest all were fine.

Technical Highlights :

Wan’s real talent is for modulation, for elongated sequences that build and build with breathless intensity. Working with the cinematographer Don Burgess, he sends the camera hurtling in and out of rooms, up and down hallways, and at one point right through the floor so that it comes out on the other side, pressed up against the ceiling. This Malaysian-born filmmaker can make his camera do terrifying tricks that are almost supernatural. The most innocent objects, including a toy fire truck, take on a haunting malice. The script by Carey W. Hayes, Chad Hayes, David Leslie Johnson and the director James Wan packs a lot on to “The Conjuring 2”.

Movie Highlights :

Story, Direction, Cinematography, Madison Wolfe, Flaming and Wilson

Drawbacks :

Long Run time, Forceful Humor, Croocked Man

Analysis :

James Wan has always been a versatile and gifted director of genre Horror-thrillers. The terrors that befall this struggling family are nothing you haven’t seen before: chairs that rock of their own accord, a TV that suddenly switches channels (never more scarily than when it lands on Margaret Thatcher), guttural voices and possessed toys and doors that go bump in the night. but there is something about the Warrens’ case files that pushes his filmmaking into the realm of the passionate. Loosely based on a series of wall-rattling, furniture-throwing and thoroughly hair-raising events that gripped the London borough of Enfield in the late ’70s, “The Conjuring 2” takes its time flying the Warrens across the Atlantic. (A bit too much time, given the film’s generous 134-minute length.). But the movie has a bit of odd things too like the director decision to play up the romance between the Warrens doesn’t quite work.. However the interesting thing about this case is that it\'s thoroughly documented — and discredited by a lot of experts. Yet Wan and his team of screenwriters build that doubt into the film. The explanation is simple and efficient.

Bottom Line :

Solid Horror And A Spinechilling Sequel...

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