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Review Details


Rojulu Marayi


Cast : Parvateesam, Chetan, Tejaswi, Kruthika, Ali and Others

Directed by : M. Murali Krishna

Produced by : G. Srinivas Rao

Music : JB

Release Date : 01-07-2016

Director Maruthi is one of the promising director in the present lot. His films have ample dose of entertainment and elements to attract youth. He started giving out stories for new directors and help them in debuting. He has given story for Lovers movie in the past and now for Rojulu Maaraayi. Parvateesam who played Nukaraju character in Kerintha is acting in it directed by debutant Kishore Kumar, produced by Good Cinema Group in association with SVC Group of Dil Raju. Touted as a very hilarious and trendy entertainer, it is releasing in theatres today. Let’s see how it works on us!!

Story :

Aswath (Chetan) is an innocent young lad who loves Aadhya (Kruthi) truly. He proposes her and she okays him. Peter (Kerintha Nukaraju) loves Rambha (Tejaswi Madivada) despite of knowing her cunning nature and gives her his job for acceptance of his love. The awful truth is that both Aadhya and Rambha love other guys. One day on the recommendation of their hostel mate they visit a Sadhu in the forests of Srisailam and knows about their ill fate. They both marry Peter and Aswath the same day and decide to stay away from people for 10 days. After 4 days they both kill Peter and Aswath on their first night and bury them in a farm house with the help of a worker. What is the truth about fate they come to know?? Why do they marry Peter and Aswath hurriedly?? Why do they kill them and what happens next?? forms the rest of the story.

Performance :

Kerintha Nukaraju as Peter is perfect fit and is terrific in his role. He is hilarious and has given audience a lot of laughter moments. New actor Chetan is nice and has given good performance. Krithika also has done fine as an actor. Tejaswi Madivada is superb. She is good as usual. Raja Ravindra and person who acted as maid is nice. Jabardasth Apparao entertains at regular intervals. Ali as Bumchik is nice.

Technical Highlights :

Plot of the movie by Maruthi is nice. Dialogues are good. Screenplay is hilarious and engages audience from the very beginning. Songs composed by JB are okay. He did a very fine work with his background music. Cinematography by P Bal reddy is nice. Visuals are very beautiful. Editing by Uddhav is nice. But could have chopped some in the second half. Production values are nice.

Movie Highlights :

Kerintha Nukaraju as Peter, Cinematography by P Bal Reddy, Laugh riot first half

Drawbacks :

Unbearable Second half

Analysis :

Whenever a movie with the name of Maruthi release youth expect a lot of youthful dialogues and moments. Rojulu Maaraayi is not an exception for it and begins with the showcase of the behaviour of girls of present generation in a dramatic way. All the characters are hilariously introduced and definitely Maruthi branded way. First half is very hilarious and Kerintha Nukaraju is very entertaining and made this first half an entertaining ride with his entertaining slang and body language. This half shows the side of girls which is ugly and in search of boy friend. After a very entertaining first half second half begins as a clone of Venkatesh starrer Drishyam to cover up the murders of Peter and Aswath. Movie goes into a serious mode and becomes a horror half. Audience start to question themselves as the movie goes into horror mode. Director has done a fine job with first half and failed to conceive second half and failed to reach the expectations as in the first half. He should have taken much care of second half.

Bottom Line :

Good First Half Horrible Seoncd Half

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