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Okka Ammayi Thappa


Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Nitya Menon, Ravi Kishan, Ali and Others - See more at:

Directed by : Rajasimha Tadinada

Produced by : Bogadi Anji Reddy

Music : Mickey J Meyer

Release Date : 2016-06-10

Sundeep Kishan, the next door boy look alike is aiming for a right success and a break in tollywood film Industry. His next release ‘Oka Ammayi Thappa’ is out in theaters today which is directed by Rajasimha Thadinada, the well known writer is directing the movie. Trailers and poster has raised the interest over the film. Lets see highly hoped Sundeep Kishan and the director did justice is satisfying the audience or not.

Story :

Krishna Vachan (sundeep Kishan) is young fun going guy who is in search of his childhood sweetheart Mango (Nithya Menon). One day there will be a huge traffic jam on the hitech city flyover due to an accident. And there he sees Mango and starts flirthing with her by not knowing that she is the same girl he is searching for. Among all this turmoil, he receives a phone call from Anwar (Ravi Kishan) man behind this whole traffic jam incident who threatens Krishna that he will kill his sweetheart if at all he does not follow his orders. What does Krishna do inorder to save her and the crowd over that flyover from this bomb makes the later part of the story.

Performance :

Sundeep Kishan is fine in the lead role. The attitude and style maintained by him in few episodes especially where the villain gets on top of his game is good. Nitya Menon has a very short presence in the movie and one wonder her choice to opt this movie as she is so particular of her movies. However the chemistry between the lead pair is decent. Ravi Kishan is good, ajay is okay. Ali is nice at times but irritates most of the part. Tagubothu Ramesh and Prudhvi got some good laughs, Brahmaji is wasted. The other cast hardly makes their presence felt.

Technical Highlights :

Chota K.naidu has done the best part for the film as the whole set up of flyover and surrounding areas have been created and showcased wonderfully. Graphic work is below to the average, but Chota tried his maximum to cover it up nicely. Director Rajasimha having a good script in hand could have done much but fades out completely especially in the first half. The art work is decent as the whole flyover is a set up we can feel the hardwork behind. Screeplay is a big drawback for this film as the audience looses their connection with the movie many times. Its only at the end film becomes a bit transparent and ends well. Even Mickey J Meyer could not the save the film with his music, music is routine and BGM is a thumps down. Editing and Production values are not upto the mark

Movie Highlights :

Nithya Menon, Sundeep Kishan, Few Comedy scenes

Drawbacks :

Screenplay, Direction, Music, Low Production Values

Analysis :

Okka Ammayi Tappa is a film which falls in no man’s land. The film which could have been a very good experience isspoiled down by some mediocre and out dated story telling. Almost 70% of the movie runs on a flyover which is a different concept for telugu cinema, but then these kind of movie need a tight screenplay and high production values in which the both above mentioned are missing. Above all the forceful insertion of comedy and action does damage the feel of the film a bit more. Rajasimha tried to play it safe by adding unnecessary comedy into the film which did not at all help the movie. The movie run time could have been trimmed completely without any mess except the main cause of the movie. No wonder Sundeep Kishan was excited with the movie at the time of story narration as the story does have the feel. But the director failed to carry the same feel to the audience in the theaters.

Bottom Line :


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