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Review Details


Janatha Garage


Cast : NTR Jr, Mohan Lal, Samantha, Nitya Menen, Devayani, Sai Kumar and Others

Directed by : Koratala SIva

Produced by : Naveen, Mohan, Ravi Shankar

Music : Devisri Prasad

Release Date : 01-09-2016

One among the most awaited movies for this year is Jr NTR’s ‘Janatha Garage’ is finally in theaters now. This movie is surrounded by sky high expectations for obvious reasons. Tarak is coming after giving back to back hits with Temper and Nannaku Prematho and awaiting for a Hatrik, same goes with Koratala Siva who gave two blockbuster movies which is MIrchi and Srimanthudu and Janatha Garage to be a Hatrik. Apart from this the deadly combo of Tarak and Mohanlal makes this movie so special. Samantha and Nitya menen playing the female leads and Devi Sri Prasad blockbuster tracks raised the expectations much higher. Lets see how far this movie succeeded in delivering a positive content.

Story :

Film starts with Satyam (Mohanlal) as a mechanic who lives in a village solving small issues happening around there. On his brother’s advice Satyam decides to move to Hyderbad and set up a garage there and starts growing gradually. Looking at the problems of the people around Satyam along with his team decides to start repairing everything there including human beings as well. Mukesh Rana (Sachin) who is always affected by the actions of Satyam kills Satyam’s younger brother in order to stop Satyam getting in his way. Anand (Jr NTR) is an environmental student and a nature lover. He is a type of person that cannot keep watching if something is going against the environment and so in one of those situation he encounters with Satyam’s son (Unni Mukundan) and hence he meet Satyam’s family and turns heir to Janatha Garage. This makes the exsiting Janatha Garage more effective and powerful in helping people’s problems. Mukesh Rana and the people around him gets more frustrated. How he solve Janatha Garage Problems and save Janatha Garage ? forms the rest of the story.

Performance :

Jr NTR: Tarak is an excellent performer which is a known fact, but his performance in Janatha Garage is completely a new level as an actor for him. He usually plays is to the galleries, but this time he came up with a subtle performace. His performance in a scene where he comes to know about his roots is excellent. His dances are good as usual. Mohanlal: Mohanlal sets the screen on fire with his terrific screen presence. He is one of the major assets of the film. Bonding between Tarak and Mohanlal is superb, which made this combination click. It is hard to imagine any other actor in doing this role, so is the impact Mohanlal left on the audience. Samantha, Nithya Menen and other: Heroines doesn’t have much scope to perform. Samantha did fine for whatever few scenes she has and so does Nithya menen. Sai Kumar is decent. Unni Mukundan as a bad son did fine. Devayani as Satyam’s wife is good, she doesn’t have a dialogue till the last though. Ajay and Rajiv kanakala characters gives you and impact compared to other characters. Kajal rocked the dance floor with her performance in Pakka Local song.

Technical Highlights :

Koratala Siva is well known for giving blockbusters with age old content and Janatha Garage is no exception. Janatha Garage has nothing fresh to offer, the film moves at a smail’s pace and the screenplay does not even match his previous works. Koratala Siva left an impression with few emotional and elevation scenes. However talking about the good part about Siva is, the way he linked the story that connects the hero and Janatha Garage is excellent. Koratala Siva’s main strengths are the dialouges which is well written and thoughtful. Music by Devi Sri is one of the highlights of the film including the BGM. Editing could have been better. Cinematography is excellent, especially the color patterns and lightning throughout the film are in tune with the mood of the film. Rock on bro song visuals are simply superb and the production values are super rich.

Movie Highlights :

Tarak, Mohanlal, Emotional Scenes

Drawbacks :

Slow First Half, Poor Climax

Analysis :

Janatha Garage is a story driven film with a enough dosage of commercial elements. The drama unfold at a very slow pace. Director takes enough time to introduce all the main charcaters. Mohanlal’s character covers the whole first half and dominates all the the other charcaters including Tarak’s as a nature lover which remains flat the whole first half. The plot thickens only after NTR comes to Hyderbad and encounters with Mohanlal’s son. Koratala Siva elevates Tarak’s character with a wonderful chapter involving Rajiv Kanakala as a helpless government employee. Things look glowing at this point of the film as the director seemed to be in full command of the on goings. However, the director failed to maintain the same tempo until th end. Even the pre climax has ample scope that could have elevated the film to a different level if it was followed up by a good climax. Koratala failed in the climax execution which could damage the movie at box office to an extent. This film may not be liked by all the section of audience due to its slow narration. It may impress Jr.NTR fans and the audience who likes serious action dramas. But with no opposition for this film and a long weekend this film definitely may bag some records and be healthy at box office too. Lets see where Tarak’s stamina and Koratala Siva’s sentiment place this movie on its full run.

Bottom Line :

Jayaho Janatha

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