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Cast : Vikram, Nayanathara, Nithya Menen, Nasser and Others

Directed by : Anand Shankar

Produced by : Shibu Thameens

Music : Harris Jayaraj

Release Date : 2016-09-08

If you\'re expecting another Aparichitudu kind of magic from Vikram in Inkokkadu, then you are in for big disappointment. Because Anand Shankar ain\'t Shankar and Inkokkadu is just an ordinary spy thriller that doesn\'t rise above the average mark.

Story :

Akhilan (Vikram) is an ex RAW agent who quits his job after avenging his wife Meera\'s (Nayanathara) death. He kills an anti social element called Love (Vikram) and settles down as street fighter. However Love resurfaces again and this time he is on a mission with a powerful drug called Speed. Now Akhilan is after Love to have his revenge, but little does he know about the surprise that is awaiting him.

Performance :

Vikram has been sensational with his performance as a transgender. Watch out for his scenes where he hits on the other Vikram. His walk, posture and antics are right on the money. Vikram is truly a class apart as he convinces that we are witnessing a true transgender actor. He is manly and tough as the RAW agent. Nayanathara did well in a meaty role. Nithya Menen is good in the supporting role, but didn\'t suit her character. Nasser and others didn\'t have much to do.

Technical Highlights :

Director Anand Shankar has made this film in a stylish way. Those aerial shots and the action episodes are a treat to watch. However the director faltered with the script as it never excites despite the exciting premise. He should have inserted few thrilling scenes rather banking upon those boring scientific experiments. Harris Jayaraj\'s music is impressive. Halena and the theme are so appealing. Rajasekhar\'s camera work is top class. He has done a fabulous job behind the camera. Editing could have been slick. The film drags on and on without any purpose. Rich production values and vibrant visuals are definitely an asset.

Movie Highlights :

Vikram\'s performance, Background music, Cinematography

Drawbacks :

Dull Second Half, Weak Screenplay, Unexciting climax

Analysis :

Audience surely will be excited to see Vikram vs. Vikram in Inkokkadu as Rajini vs. Rajini (Robo), Ajith vs. Ajith (Vaali) and Suriya vs. Suriya (24) were all memorable confrontations. Anand Shankar roped in the talented actor for both the protagonist and antagonist characters and has written an interesting characterization for the villain. Sadly, his innovation and imagination ended there as he couldn\'t make the most of this awesome confrontation. The plot is nothing new as we have seen many thrillers with similar concepts before. Only exciting thing about Inkokkadu was the Vikram vs. Vikram duel. Unfortunately there isn\'t a single scene where Vikram gets a chance to put his mastery at display. The actor is so talented and versatile that he has made the ordinary writing work with his superb performance. However his talent alone couldn\'t save this below average script. First half of the film shows some promise with the introduction of characters and the Speed drug making an impact. Interval scene is also well done and raises hopes on the second half. Director made a mess of it in the second hour with many unwanted scenes. Even the much awaited climax duel of the Vikrams didn\'t click due to bad execution. One could not help but only feel sorry for Vikram as he has been investing a lot of hard work into bad films.

Bottom Line :

Thumbs Up For Vikram And Down For Rest Everything !

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