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Cast : Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Surabhi, Avasarala Srinivas, Vennela Kishore and Others

Directed by : Indraganti Mohana Krishna

Produced by : Sivalenka Krishna Prasad

Music : Manisharma

Release Date : 2016-06-17

Nani who is always tries experimenting has come up with yet another interesting story. After back to back entertainers with Bale Bale Magadivoi and Krishna Gadi veera Prema Gadha, he changed the gears and is back with yet another engaging film, this time a thriller titled Gentleman. And lets see if this Gentleman (Nani) is a Hero or a Villain ?

Story :

The story takes off with a two beautiful girls Catherine (Nivetha Thomas) and Aishwarya (Surabhi) meets up in a flight journey. Just to pass the time they share their secrets of her boyfriends Gautham (Nani) and Jai (Nani) respectively and their love stories to each other and will become best buddies by the time they reach their destination. Seeing Aishwarya’s boyfriend who comes to pick her up from airport, Catherine gets surprised to the see the same look alike boyfriend. Confused Catherine goes to visit Gautham at his residence only to know that he died in a very recent car crash. Catherine starts suspecting the happenings around her and investigates about Aishwarya’s boyfriend. Does this man has to do something with Gautham death ? Who is this man exactly? The actual story behind this mystery?. Watch the film for all the questions to be answered.

Performance :

Nani usually gave a stunning performance, and he should be given full marks. His character requires a wide variety of emotions and Nani just pulled it off effortlessly. Nani completely stay in his character till the end without distracting once which shows his caliber as an actor. Nivedha Thomas is a fantastic choice for the film and will be the best debut for her in Tollywood. She delivered a solid performance which keep you moving till the ends of the film. Her looks and her acting prowess, she nailed it and an actress to watch out for. Surabhhi is limited and did fine for the time space she appears. Vennela Kishore is hilarious and Avasarala Srinivas is good. Srimuki is okay with her alloted time space.

Technical Highlights :

Indraganti mohana Krishna has come up with a different subject and has done a good job. The way he narrated the story maintaining the suspense factor till the end of the film is fantastic. Except with the few hiccups here and there definitely this is one of his best works. Songs are decent but the Manisharma’s BGM is terrific. He elevated many scenes with his splendid BGM. After all Mani Sharma is king of background scores. Vrinda’s camerawork is good and made the film look rich in every shot. Editing could have been much crisper and as told the first hald should be trimmed a little. Production values are good.

Movie Highlights :

Nani, Nivedha Thomas, Direction, Second Half, Screenplay, BGM

Drawbacks :

Long Run Time, Slow First Half

Analysis :

Nani should be appreciated for choosing a film like this. Gentleman has quiet an interesting plot and the screeplay is so tight that you keep guessing till the end. The best part of the film is the hero’s weird behavior is kept a secret till the end of the film. Director has given importance to almost all the charcaters but we sometimes feel that he could have done more when watching the movie. And this is because of the pre climax where Surabhi comes to know the truth etc (Cant reveal much). Though the first half lags a bit, film picks up with its second half and stays till the film is over. Despite all this is Nani’s best performance till date and added to the fire is like brilliant performance of Nivedha and the suspense factor makes the movie a definite watch. Finally Gentleman is like a Roller Coaster Ride, it does starts of very slow and if you have patience to sit and wait and that’s it, you are on for a thrill ride.

Bottom Line :

Gentleman is XXXcellent...

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