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Cast : Mahesh Babu, Samantha, kajal, Pranitha, Rao ramesh, satyaraj and others

Directed by : Sreekanth Addala

Produced by : Pearl V Potluri

Music : Mickey J Meyer

Release Date : 20-05-2016

Prince Mahesh Babu and Director Srikanth addala’s most awaited movie is finally in theaters. As the movie is carrying super high expectations looking at the cast, colourful trailers, teasers and music which already added that little extra hype. Mahesh’s previous film Srimanthudu was a massive blockbuster and stood big in tollywood next to Baahubali. This time he joined hands with Sreekanth Addala one of the sensible directors of tollywood has made Brahmotsavam one of the most awaited movies of the year. Even though Mahesh Babu and Sreekanth Addala is a propular and proved combination, it is not that easy to live up to expectations.

Story :

Mahesh is the only son of Chantibabu (Satya Raj), a rich business person in Vijayawada. His father loves to lead life celebrating every occassion with his relatives and family members together.. But his brother-in-law and a small shared partner in business Rao Ramesh the jealousy fish among the family could not digest the growth of Chantibabu and his fame among all the family members. He always wanted to grow up on his own by separating with Chantibabu. He hopes of marrying his daughter (Pranitha) to Mahesh, but when he sees Mahesh and kajal (Maradhalu) kissing he looses out control which brings up a break the family leaves SatyaRaj distressed. Here gets a twist and turn in the movie which makes Mahesh to go on a journey to find his family roots - seven generations of his family - is Brahmotsavam all about.

Performance :

Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu is one of the finest actors we have in the industry now. He has power to grasp the emotional depth of a character and brings the director\'s vision to life on screen by getting under the character\'s skin. He has once again done a fabulous job as an actor. His performance in the interval sequence and the climax scene is topnotch. He is a class apart. It is a treat to watch him on screen. Samantha and Others: Samantha played a bubbly character and she did well. Kajal is wonderful as the one who represents the feelings of a contemporary girl. Praneetha has very little role to play. Satya Raj is good as Mahesh\'s father. Jayasudha, Revathi, Jayaprakash Reddy and Vennela Kishore made their presence felt among the horde of actors in this film. Rao Ramesh got the best scenes in the film and he is superb with his dialogue delivery and expressions. The scene in which he gets emotional and takes a dig at Satya Raj is one of the best in the movie. His frustration, angst make audiences feel the same and at the same-time evoking few laughs.

Technical Highlights :

Srikanth Addala loves to write stories about human values and family emotions. He presented them well in the film Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimallechettu and this time he has gone awry with those emotions. His intentions are right, but what lacked is a proper script that conveys the beautiful message in an appealing way. Poor screenplay and disconnected scenes makes Brahmotsavam a tedious watch and the director is the main culprit for making a mess out of a good concept. Micky J Meyer\'s songs are fine with catchy tunes. They are also shot well. However most of the songs are misplaced in the movie, which is a very bad sign. Background music is alright. Cinematographer Rathnavelu excelled in his craft. Bright visuals are one of the few bests in this film. Editor seemed clueless in connecting those pointless scenes. Producers have spent a lot on the movie as it\'s refreshing to see grand visuals in every frame. Managing and bringing such an ensemble cast is definitely a welcome one. Kudos to PVP for making it possible.

Movie Highlights :

Mahesh Babu, Rao Ramesh, Visuals

Drawbacks :

Weak Screenplay, Poor Direction, Artificial emotions, Unnecessary Graphics

Analysis :

It is not easy to write the plot of the film in few lines because there is hardly any. Wonder how did Mahesh and the producers fell for Addala\'s script! Brahmotsavam starts off on a lazy note and doesn\'t move forward in spite of numerous characters on the screen. All the characters keep on eating, dancing and celebrating without any purpose. It will be pretty hard for anybody to hide their frustrations watching at this epic mess. Only worthy scene in the first half comes during the interval point where Rao Ramesh\'s character breaks the silence. That followed by an unexpected twist raises hopes on the second half. However the protagonist going on a journey to find his ancestors and other relatives makes it all the more boring. Despite director\'s honest attempts to make us emotionally involved, we would emotionlessly wait for it to end. The best scene of the second half comes during the climax. But it is not strong enough to make us forget all the pain that we have gone through till that point. Even the family audiences will not be able to connect with these artificial emotions and lackluster script. Mahesh the superstar too will need a miracle to save this one from sinking.

Bottom Line :

Nameless Mahesh, Emotionless story, Directonless Drama

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