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Cast : Nithiin, Samantha, Anupama Parameshwaran, Naresh, Nadhiya, Rao Ramesh, Ananya, Others

Directed by : Trivikram Srinivas

Produced by : S. Radha Krishna

Music : Mickey J Meyer

Release Date : June 2nd,

One more movie from the most awated list is ‘A..Aaa’. From the most branded director of tollywood Trivikram comes this beautiful rom-com. Nithin and Samantha in the lead roles this movie has hit the theaters today. Lets see how the movie is.

Story :

Anasuya (Samantha) who is the only daughter Nadhiya and Naresh. Anasuya is fed up of her dominant mother who decides and dictates her life. Anasuya makes a suicide attempt as her mother fixes her marriage with a rich guy in town, but that doesn’t change her mother’s attitude. So on the suggestion of her father she leaves to her aunt’s house to spend couple of days and relax. The journey where she meets Anand (Nithin) and spend 10 days with the whole family changes her completely. She falls in love with Nithin, but the twist turns when she comes to know that he is already committed to marry Valli (Anupama Parameshwaran) because of his personal problems. So how Anasuya deals with her strict mom and offshoots valli to win Anand forms rest of the story.

Performance :

Nithin as a boy next door with simple looks impresses everyone in the theater. His subtle acting helps the character look natural. His acting in the climax scenes once again shows he is a perfect pick for Anand character. One should appreciate Nithin for taking up story driven film and not bothering about a non heroic character. Samantha dominates the complete movie big time. She is the soul of the movie as story moves on from her angle. Her perfect balance of mom feared girl, dads pet, innocence and a naughty child kind of girl to be given a special applause. Sure Anasuya will be remembered for ever, such a performance she has given. Anupama parameshwaran as obsessed girl gave a fantastic performance in the film. Her jealousy angle with Samantha for Nithin are well shot. Rao Ramesh becomes a key player for the film, he steals the show. Probably he is one of the best supporting actor telugu film has right now and his performance in the climax will be hilarious and stands as highlight of the film. Nadhiya is nice as a stubborn business woman. Naresh got a very good role as a henpecked husaband and the daughter and father chemistry holds the film in many areas. Ajay, Praveen, shakala Shankar, Avasarala Srinivas gave some good laughs for their small presence on screen.

Technical Highlights :

A..Aa has some breath taking visuals. The camera work is top notch and is one of the highlights of the film. The way a simple love story is showcased with these visuals makes this film look even more rich. Production values are top notch and Trivikram makes use of the village locations to the fullest. Screenplay is apt and does not deviate much. As expected, dialogues are quite meaningful and create the right impact. Coming to the director Trivikram, A..Aa is completely his magic on celluloid. The way he narrates a simple love story with a gripping narration and enough fun is what makes things work he

Movie Highlights :

Nithin - Samantha - Rao Ramesh - Cinematography - Trivikram- Climax

Drawbacks :

Slow and Lenghty Second Half, Unwanted scenes in the movie

Analysis :

Trivikram Srinivas has a very good track record of delivering normal love stories to look great on screen with his fantastic writings (Kudos to his great sense Of Humour) to the audience and yet he came up with another kind of love story that is been greatly presented. The way he has narrated this beautiful family drama with right mix of fun, romance and drama are the major assets. Trivikram strictly went with the subject and not deviate for the sake of pleasing masses. Though the movie goes pretty well with the first half, there is an unknown lag in the second half. The vein of the movie gets lost at some point and the movie gets bit slow. Story becomes predictable and does not have anything interesting. And few unnecessary scenes can be trimmed off as it just adds the unwanted length for the movie. However ignoring minute turbulences in the movie this movie does appeal to all the section of audience. A clean family entertainer for this weekend.

Bottom Line :

Anasuya Ramalingam & Anand Vihari will leave you entertained. Go For It

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